Coffee Morning and Elocution competition

Communication is the backbone of today’s world. It allows us to form connections, influence decisions and motivate change. Public speaking is growingly becoming one of the greatest fears in the world. To curtail this belief completely in our students we encourage competitions and active stage performances in the form of elocution competition, coffee mornings etc. we believe in creating “Professors of Knowledge rather than listeners”. Efficient Public speaking and skill development is the first step in creating potent leaders.

sense booth day

A “Sense” is a physiological aspect of an organism which helps him carry out his/her Perception of surrounding world. We created an allegory of five senses of audio, visual, sight, taste and touch through various activities to explain them different sense organs of vision, auditory, gustatory, olfactory and somatosensation which are traditionally important five sense organs.

Toddler's Color day

Colors are considered as markers for child’s Cognitive Progress and is often part of early screening for educational development. Recognizing colors and identifying their names in early years of child’s age helps them to form a link between visual aspects and the words. Theoretically teaching the concept of colors by constantly elaborating and repeating the concept will not help the toddlers to understand the word “color”. In Hegemony Global School we introduce the concept of “color” through Different “Color Day” celebrations viz. Red Day, Blue Day, Yellow Day, Green Day etc, and reinforcing the concept by doing different collaborative activities

Festival Celebrations

Festivals are special occasions which bring the people under one roof to celebrate the day and connect with each other for a cause. It induces love, faith and deeply roots our culture and tradition in our growing young minds. Nevertheless, it spreads happiness, sense of respect and peace without destroying others emotions and beliefs. To encourage this thought and gesture in our school we celebrate each festival with great exhilarating joy streamlining the importance of every festival which is celebrated. Even the students are developing their aesthetic skill by indulging into idol making which is even be an enhancement for LSRW skills.

Kargil Vijay Diwas and Independence Day celebrations

73 years back India got its freedom on 15th August but still we faced another conflict in the form of “Kargil war” which nearly baffled many lives of our armed forces we lost nearly 547 soldiers to safeguard our country. To pay tribute to them and their lost families we organized “Kargil Vijay Diwas” on 26 July in our school to cognizance our students, future citizens of country that their beautiful lives the fresh free air which they breathe is the sacrifice of many soldiers. We paid homage to all the freedom fighters and our Martyr soldiers with great pride and dignity.

Toddler’s Health and Hygiene Week

Maintaining a good personal hygiene will help the kids to grow healthy. Preschool age is the best time to teach them the importance and benefits of eating healthy and maintaining good personal cleanliness. To make them imbibe this concept we celebrated “The Health and Hygiene Week” in our school. To educate and create awareness among the parents we even created a debate between “Junk Food Vs Healthy Food”.

Open State Taekwondo Championship Poomsae & Kyorugi

We are very proud to announce that our students have got
6 Gold medals
2 Silver medals
8 Bronze medals



India is land of spirituality, universal botherhood as well as respect for man and nature. We are losing control over youth since ethics and values no longer taught through our educational progresses as we have made our infrastructure as gigantic machines to produce graduates fit for work and not for life.

As the answer for all the questions, HEGEMONY GLOBAL SCHOOL staged varieties of Yogasanas, to denote that 21st of June is the longest and brightest day of the year so that it is apt for spiritual practices. To participate in Yoga day on 21st of June students were mobilized to a vast open air auditorium. The yoga trainer instructed the students about the body postures and benefits of the same. The students and teachers who had practiced Yoga got the inner thoughts that 6 minutes per day doing Yogasana can get the astounding changes.
They are:
1. Good memory – change in IQ
2. Character changes – empowers knowledge
3. Good physical psychological and mental health
4. Life without decease and ailments
5. Live longer and self – reliant
In HEGEMONY GLOBAL SCHOOL yoga programmes are conducted and taught by trained personnel’s in an orderly manner on regular basis. The yoga programmes show unbelievable changes in students thereby it will be easy to mould a student to be a thinker rather than to be a mere follower.

Educational Excursion

Hegemony Global School young scientists went to explore Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium in Bangalore which is a popular educational attraction place in the city.

It holistically imparts knowledge of scientific aspects of earth and space. Students get a visualized and mesmerised view of planets, constellations, human’s space expedition, how gravity works to how eclipse happens? planetarium tells it all. It brings the experience celestial experience to life.

The students especially enjoyed sky theatre which explains many scientific phenomena.

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