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The first day at school is one of the very crucial things for your child. It is going to be one of the most memorable days of his or her life. After spending the first few years after birth in the home, it is the time for them when the little, pure souls with voids in their head will go on a new adventure to look at the outer world closely and fill the void in their mind and head with information and experiences. They will be spending a big part of the day without their family members, and outside his/her comfort zone.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about a few tips you can follow to keep your child prepare for the first day at school.


Building up the mentality:

This is the first and foremost thing you should try to do while preparing your child for the best CBSE school in Kothnur, Bangalore. Your child should always step on their new school campus with the doors and windows of their minds open. Because, from that day, there will be teachers and friends surrounding them for a long time every day. Therefore, they will learn different things they might haven’t experienced until now. There is a fear that always exists in the child, heart; it comes when they see elders being nervous about their first day at the best schools in Bangalore. So do not panic.


It is yet another aspect of preparing your child for the school in RK Hedge Nagaand other schools in Bangalore. When you are preparing your child for the best schools, you should always try to teach them the basics. Teach them the basics of the things to make them confident. Children mostly fear the concept of teachers as they think they will scold them for anything wrong happened to their lessons. Which is partially true, so raise them confident about their studies so that their fear disappear.

best international schools in Kothnur


Encourage them for the Extracurricular:

Some of the best international schools in Kothnur have the fantastic extracurricular activities they offer to their students. They try this to find out the child’s best interest, and then they give them the chance to pursue that extracurricular alongside their studies. Now if you tell your children about this, tell them that they can also opt for such exciting activities in school as well as studies, the child mind might get excited, and they might suddenly start taking an interest in their first day at school.

These are some different ways to make your child interested in their first day at school. If you follow these tips to grow interested in schools in your child’s heart, they will not fear their first day at school anymore. Try these tips to prepare your child for their most enjoyable academics chapter of their lives.

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